Huge Leap In Diesel Prices: Up 10 Cents In 3 Weeks

Diesel has just made a massive jump in price over the past three weeks increasing an average of 10 cents nationwide.

Despite DOE predictions that the price of diesel would continue to fall during 2014, volatile pricing since the new year has caused diesel prices to fluctuate wildly. The jump in prices brings the nationwide average to $3.977, the highest point since last September.

Of course the price of diesel varies depending on where in the country you’re buying it. The highest price right now is in New England with a price of $4.369 per gallon, while the lowest is the Gulf Coast at $3.788 per gallon – a difference of just over 58 cents.

Even though diesel prices have gone up recently, an examination of the past year reveals that prices are still 12.7 cents lower than they were the same week last year.



Source: eia, overdrive

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